09 Images To Remember Queen Elizabeth’s love for Animals

The love for animals in the royal family has been growing from generation to generation. From Queen Elizabeth’s parents to her great-grandchildren, they are all enchanted by these little friends. Over the past decades, the royal family has owned a lot of pet dogs and horses. Elizabeth Queen is also known for her love of Corgis.

Today we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 19 images to remember the strong bond between the late Queen Elizabeth and her lovely pets.

01. The Queen became a dog lover from a very young age.

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02. Queen Elizabeth inherited the love for dogs from her father who brought the first dog family in 1933.

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© theroyalfamily/instagram

04. She even smuggled her dog on her honeymoon.


05. It is said that the Duke of Edinburgh wasn’t delighted by Corgies as they were too yappy.

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06. The Queen even took them to special meetings.

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07. She owned over 30 dogs during her reign.


08. Prince William once said that the dogs were the secret to keeping his grandma happy.

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09. The queen was also fonded of horses and she posted 2 of her ponies on her 96th birthday.

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Owning pets brings us a lot of joy in our lives. What is your favorite thing about having a pet?

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