10 Most Paused Movie Scenes of famous movies

We all have experienced movie scenes that we cannot continue without pausing them. We at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 10 popular movie scenes that are paused the most.

01. She’s the Man

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I am sure if you have watched the movie She’s the Man, you will never forget the scene where Amanda Brynes shows that she is a girl in the middle of the stadium. Even though the pause didn’t give what most fans expected, the scene was capable of thrilling fans, which is what the producers expected to provide.

02. Fast Time at Ridgemont High

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Do you remember these scenes from the 1980s? This is the scene in which  Phoebe Cate slowly undresses the top of her bikini while approaching out of the pool.

03. Titanic

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We all had pausing moments in Titanic, where Jack drew a nude of Kate Winslet. It surely was a greater pause considering the movie from 1997.

04. The Exorcist

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A Lot of horror movies have a number of pausing moments. The Exorcist is popular among fans as a movie that randomly shows demons in the middle of the scenes. The scenes however need a pause to see damerns exactly, but creates us so terrifying with their looks of daemons.

05. The Wolf of Wall Street

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Margrot Robbie grabs the attention of Leonardo  by teasing him beneath the hidden camera. This is surely a scene with more than one pause from the fans, with the expectation of intimate captures of this scene.

06. Signs

© Buena Vista Pictures
Remember the time where aliens became so familiar for our lives? Those were the days where a lot of fans got in touch with this movie. The scene brings all the thoughts into where you really can see an alien but in a quick second leading us to pause to get the sight of it.


07. Total Recall

© TriStar Pictures

A prostitute with three breasts? It’s the exact thought that made us pause this scene. Arnold Schwarzeneer was really good at it.

08. Boogie Nights

© New Line Cinema

The movie grabs the attention of most of us with an approach of proof from the most about the porn industry. We all paused for this, didn’t you?

09. Burn After Reading

© Focus Features

Wasn’t it a saddening pause? The scene approaches us in a curiosity built way. We never wanted to see Brad’s life off the scene. The scene shows how deeper the shot hit you than it was to Brad Pitt.

10. The Wizard of Oz

© Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

This movie touched our hearts teaching us about both friendship and kindness. The pause is where the strange move in the background when Dorothy and her friends were singing in the woods. Although a lot of critics came across their comments, alot of fans were enthusiastic of their imaginations beyond any expectations.


What do you think about these scenes? Don’t forget to leave your answers in the comments section.

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