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14+ Photos That Prove Princess Charlotte has Inherited Queen Elizabeth’s Beauty

It’s obvious that Prince Charlotte is a lot similar to her father Prince William. However it’s nearly impossible to notice the similarities between princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabath.

Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 10 side by side photos of Prince Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth to show that she has inherited facial features from her grandmother. 

1.They look a lot alike as babies. 

East News, Royalfoto/News Pictures/EAST NEWS

2. We can see their resemblance when they look up. 

East News, East News

3.Even though they have different hairstyles, they still look alike in these photos.

East News, EAST NEWS

4.They even have similar gestures. 


5.Their dresses make them similar too. 


6.As time goes on and prince Charlotte grows, she starts to look more like Queen Elizabeth. 

Cinetext/Morgon/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News, CHRIS JACKSON/AFP/East News

7.They also have a similar way of looking at the crowd. 

East News, BEN STANSALL/AFP/East News

8.Do you see how similar they are?


9.They also have a lot of similar expressions.

Allstar/Cinetext/Morgan/Mary Evans Picture Library/East News, BEN STANSALL/AFP/East News

10.Their resemblance is impressive.

EAST NEWS, Wiese/face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News

11.These pictures show that Princess Charlotte has inherited Queen Eizabeth’s smile.

Bridgeman Images/East News, Wiese/face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News

12.And, in these pictures too. 

East News, POOL daily mirror/Associated Press/East News

13.Another photo that shows their similar smile.

TopFoto / Avalon/Photoshot/East News, Pool AP/Associated Press/East News

14.Even their profiles prove their similar resemblance.

ASSOCIATED PRESS/East News, Chris Jackson / Avalon/Photoshot/East News

15.Here are 2 photos that show the way they look at cameras. See how similar they are? 

akg-images/EAST NEWS, AARON CHOWN/AFP/East News

Do you think these photos of Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth II look alike? Do you also know any other royal family members who look the same?


Let us know your answers in the comments down below

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