15+ Examples of incredible birthmark and scar cover-ups by tattoo artists (New Pics).

Some of you, we know, view your scars as accomplishments. They bring back wonderful memories of former travels. memories that you may adore. Sadly, not all of us can afford that luxury. Sometimes we behave in ways that leave us with wounds that are incredibly embarrassing and that we would give anything to erase. How about undesirable birthmarks?

We are fortunate to have the art of tattooing and talented artists who can transform anything. Just have a look at these images, please.

01.Fishbone into A Scar? Clever.

Image source: nein666_tattoo

02. Childhood Domestic Burn Camouflage. Nothing Covers Up a Burn Better Than a Phoenix Tattoo.

Image source: pinkdermographie



03.Wow! I’ve never seen a tattoo that has made me feel this relieved.

Image source:

04.Another Embroidered Flower. Beautiful!

Image source: michallyszczarz_dotbull

05.The birthmark has a paw print around it. Cute!

Image source: hneuburger33

06. Six years of laser scar removal treatments ended with a tattoo covering the scars. It appears to have paid off well. Adorable!

Image source: Round-Net-2260

07.That’s a nice reminder. I should also get one.

Image source:

08.People, it’s a fish scale. Wait! It’s Not Called “Fish Skin,” Is It?

Image source: michaelmansfieldtattoos

09.Amazing C-Section Scar Cover-Up Tattoo.

Image source: ngocliketattoo

10.A second Fishbone? If that’s a thing, it looks more like a fish skeleton.

Image source: pimpotattoo

11.Another attempt to hide a birthmark. Wow, What Talent These People Have.

Image source: guesspre

12.The scar is honestly not visible through that tattoo. Amazing!.

Image source: medikaldovmeler

13.Is Kidnapping by Aliens That Popular?

Image source: Dasgoog

14.With some cherry blossoms, they are hiding a scar that has existed for forty years.

Image source:

15.3D tattoos are Incredible!.

Image source:

16.Make Sense Sometimes.

Image source: pat_theblackcattattoo

17.I Love This Cover-Up. He must currently feel like a pirate.

Image source: Yulinka17

18.Older self-harm scars are hidden. I hope he won’t have to pull another cover-up.

Image source: henrytwood

19.It must have a floral embroidery feel to it.

Image source: raquelgauthier

20.Scotty: “Beam me up.”


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