15 People Who Changed Their Looks With Makeup

Makeup is one of the most powerful ways to be creative and express yourself these days. With the right skills and tools, makeup can perfectly hide scars and other flaws, add marks that weren’t there before and change a person’s whole appearance. “Makeup can help you catch a moment,” Carine Roitfeld once said. And it’s always worth capturing moments when art changes.

Multisitez has put together a list of some of the most amazing makeovers that have ever been seen on the internet. We hope to bring out the artist in you so that you can use makeup to show the best version of yourself.

1. If you take a bold risk, it might just pay off.

© powerofmakeup / instagram

2. This level of fierce would make Tyra Banks proud.

© girlsaftermakeup / instagram

3. They call it “glow-up” for a reason.

© girlsaftermakeup / instagram

4. Break a few hearts with your evening look.

© paintedbyspencer / instagram

5. Who says Barbie can’t be a total rockstar?

© paintedbyspencer / instagram

6. Be ready for your close-up all day, every day.

© geoxxii / instagram

6. All brides deserve to look their most exquisite on their big day.

© dressyourface / instagram

7. In this house, we embrace bold colors.

© sibir.anna_makeup / instagram

8. Achieve porcelain skin with the right product and the right technique.

© whitneyfalcobeauty / instagram

9. Your potential has always been there, it just needed some highlighting.

© transformationsmakeup / instagram

10. We all want to be this lady when we grow up.

© teaflego / instagram

11. Eye makeup on fleek!

© sibir.anna_makeup / instagram

12. When you have a baby face but don’t feel like getting ID’d:

© zoca.zoca / instagram

13. Break a few hearts with your evening look.

14. This is the post-puberty transformation we all aspire to achieve.

© nikitadragun / instagram

15. They call it contouring. We call it sorcery.

© lelepons / instagram

What do you think of these amazing changes made by makeup? Have we made you want to grab your eye shadow palette and blending brush? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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