15 Times Where Reality Went Far From People’s Expectations

Using the internet to buy something can either provide you with the best quality or you will get something that’s terribly wrong. It’s because a lot of sellers advertise their photos using fake or enhanced images to trap customers. However, there are also times when the final results are even better than the advertised pictures.

Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 15 pictures that exceeded the expectations of people.

01.  “My interpretation vs my artist’s interpretation”

© Zlatehagoat / reddit

 02. “Got mehndi/henna done. Personally think the reality turned out better than the expectation/reference pic.”

© Emma_Woodhouse7 / reddit

03.  “My wife was blown away with her cake, reality (right) was better than the expectation.”

© angrycanuck / reddit


04.  “An American cherry pie frappuccino in Japan”

© StePK / reddit

05.  “An otterly impressive birthday cake from my mom”

© mamabear034 / reddit

06. “Hard to expect TOO MUCH from a gluten-free and dairy-free pizza, but this looks quite all right.”

© EMF911 / reddit


07.  “Very close, indeed.”

© zippyboy / reddit

08. It’s amazing how the sides don’t bend.

© annaplantain / reddit

09.  “My wife’s loaf of bread came out exactly as pictured.”

© AthenaTheDog / reddit

10. “On the first photo is the custom graphic crest, the second one is the 3D design of it, and the last one is the actual ring result.”

© SecilEldek / reddit

11. “Wow, the carrots are shaped like flowers.”

© 8Black_Kitsune8 / reddit


12.  “What I asked for on the left, and what I got on the right — the bakery did an amazing job.”

© d***g***ess86 / reddit

13.  “Expectations met and exceeded!”

© darkdreamland / reddit

14.  “Family friend took a single floral class, so I asked her to make my wedding bouquet.”

© ChompyTheGoat / reddit

15.  “Commissioned an artist to paint my dog. Thrilled at the result!”

© zaphodisjustthisguy / reddit

Have you also received anything that went beyond your initial expectations? We would love to hear your answers in the comments down below.

source by Brightside. me


Written by Multisitez

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