20 + Images Demonstrate The Persistence Of Historic Antiques With Proper Maintenance

Most of us have a few boxes in the attic that we’ve never even thought about opening or have just forgotten about. But you never know what might be hidden there.

We at Multisitez came across pictures that people had shared of antiques they had found, and we were surprised by how interesting they can be.

1. “French sentimental ring, made from the hair of a loved one”

© TrebleRose689 / Reddit

2.  An amazing retro tricycle.

© AngelAstoria / Reddit

3. “I need to replace some of the leather stitching on the handle, but it’s otherwise in impeccable shape and I use it often!”

© Esther_the_Earwig / Reddit

4. “Old Italian antique iron with a special symbol on it, Romulus and Remus ”

© BaldrFrigg / Reddit

5. “Chinese camphor chest from the 1920s”

© civicsfactor / Reddit

6.  was left this very old cash register by my late Papa.”

© harry5839 / Reddit

7. “My dad and me vs me and my daughter, same bike roughly 27 years apart ”

© ChiefRunningBow / Reddit

8. “I’ve been cleaning up the cauldron I found buried in my forest.”

© BoosterSqueak / Reddit

9. “I got gifted this figural clock.”

© needsalittlegarlic / Reddit

10. “The first gift my great-grandfather purchased for my great-grandmother nearly 100 years ago.”

© unknowncoins / Reddit

11. “The Lenox Spice Village. My grandmother bought this for me 30 years ago and it has been in my parents storage shed until now.”

© C0LSanders / Reddit

12. ” It’s not labeled, but I think the reproducer plays 3 minutes. It’s a late cylinder model (1908-1910). “

© -Diorama- / Reddit

13. “I found these pair of cool rings in a local forest, in Romania, using a metal detector and they were pretty deep in the dirt. They look very old.”

© k**ltoni34 / Reddit

14. ” My grandfather’s Ford Model A.”

© BermudaNiccholas / Reddit

15. “Here’s my uranium glass collection that glows in the dark.”

© redbucket75 / Reddit

16. “Shell made some good-looking oil cans about 100 years ago.”

© KarmaBot200 / Reddit

17. ” The signature is unclear, but it looks like a portrait of William St. Clair. “

© 8Scale / Reddit

18. ” Grandpa still uses a decades-old computer that still runs DOS. He still types, prints, and stores things on floppies. “

© potatohead657 / Reddit

19. “Awesome piece of history saved from the landfill tonight. An early 1920s pack of paper towels and pre-soaped towels for washing.”

© UrbanRelicHunter / Reddit

20. They might have a new dog, but their iconic car stayed with them.

© Nofaithinfaith / Reddit

21. “I purchased this Edwardian dress yesterday. It’s just too stunning.”

© Raven0108 / Reddit

22. “It’s been in my family for a very long time.”

© is**tJefK / Reddit

23. “1910 Tiffany desk pieces. Bronze and abalone.”

© boilons / Reddit

24. “One of a pair of Cloisonné urns I recently acquired”

© littlerockist / Reddit

25. “Was clearing out my late Grandad’s house and came across this.”

© inorganicsxul / Reddit

26. “1870s Victorian mirror meant to sit over a mantel. It’s difficult to tell from the picture but it’s about 6ft tall and 4.5ft wide.”

© CGMQVXhp1 / Reddit

27. “An old, metal, pocket-sized grocery list!”

© TheeLizzieBee / Reddit

28. “Vendo 44 vending machine from the ’50s. The smallest machine that vendo ever made.”

© TTVYoutubeYT / Reddit

29. “Winnie the Pooh, 1926. First edition, first printing. I don’t dabble in 20th century acquisitions that often, but I do make exceptions.”

© Meepers100 / Reddit

Have you ever found, inherited, or bought an old thing? Which one do you have that is the most interesting?

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20 + Images Demonstrate The Persistence Of Historic Antiques With Proper Maintenance

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