20 Men Whose Hair Has Put Us Under a Spell

Long hair on men is always stylish, and the trend has been growing in recent years. We don’t care if men wear their hair down or put them up in a man-bun to show off. We are all eyes and ears, but mostly eyes.

Now I’ve Seen Everything brought together a group of men who showed us how far they’d come and whose hair kept us glued to the screen.

1. A selfie on the way never hurt anybody…

© TristanCorb / Reddit

2. “Manes are for wild men.”

© Ripster99840 / Reddit

3. “It is real soft today… haha.”

© Cold_Conversation970 / Reddit

4. “Why did I have to cut off my hair before The Witcher got popular?”

© Theimmortalboi / Reddit

5. “That is a FANTASTIC hair day, brother! Great mustache, too.”

© Haircules3 / Reddit

6. Bouncy curls in the house

© XYounes / Reddit

7. “It might snow today! Stay warm.”

© ElusivePandaPhoto / Reddit

8. “Here’s a rare picture of me with my hair down.”

© kenzodelv / Reddit

9. “I envy those curls. My hair is straighter than can be.”

© King_Stark / Reddit

10. The mustache comes as an extra…

© JoylessGenus / Reddit

11. “Released the bun after a long day.”

© dkwon999 / Reddit

12. “Looking at this pic has legit been the highlight of my day. So gorgeous.”

© jwdealba / Reddit

13. “Got told my hair was beautiful at Starbucks.”

© wiltyspinach / Reddit

14. “Probably top 5 best hair days I’ve ever had, but I have nowhere to be today. So you all have to look at it…”

© delazoo269 / Reddit

15. “3 years of hair growth”

© spongebobsSquare**** / Reddit

16. “Feeling great today.”

© ARandomMex / Reddit

17. “Letting the lion out!”

© x-Nate-x / Reddit

18. “I never go anywhere to show off the mane. But you guys will appreciate it, right?”

© LittleBear42 / Reddit

19. “I’ve surpassed my ’goal length,’ but I think I’m gonna keep going with it.”

© Grownupjob / Reddit

20. “I miss the summer sun, but now it’s time to embrace the winter beard. Life keeps flowing along.”

© Tor_Tor_Tor / Reddit

Which man (or men) made you say, “I want those curls too”? Have you always had short hair? Please send us a picture.

Preview photo credit Ripster99840 / Reddit
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