20 Photos That Prove Living in Australia Is Challenging for Anyone

If you are someone living in the Northern Hemisphere and want to go on a vacation, Australia should probably be on the top of your list. However, other than being one of the unique countries in the world, it has a lot more facts other than scary venomous snakes. 

Therefore we Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 20 photos that prove that living in Australia is a challenge for anyone.

1.Kangaroos are everywhere and anywhere. 

© kindreddovahkiin / reddit

2.Temperatures lower than 90 °F are considered “chilly.”

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3.Fans and air conditioners are your best friends

© Foamparties / reddit

4.Other alternatives when you don’t have air conditioning. 

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5.A seat belt buckle can turn into a hot iron.

© GoodCelery / reddit

6.You feel like you want to keep your clothes and shoes in the fridge. 

7.Asphalt can be in a liquid state too. 

© AegonnTargaryen / imgur

8.Hot water comes out of the taps. 

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9. 64,390 Aussies wrote down “Jedi” as their religion in 2011 and now it’s even officially on the list of religions in the country.

© Star Wars / lucasfilm

10.The police have a great censure of humour. But they won’t help you get out of a speeding ticket. 

© getjoacookie / reddit

11.Even spiders try to escape the heat. 

© Jmon1851 / reddit

12.Animals in Australia are friendly and cute. 

13.Some animals are friendly and cute to the max. 

© DanManGan / imgur

14.They are also curious. 

© D_S_W / reddit

15.You might occasionally encounter dangerous strangers too. 

© unknown / imgur

16.Australia also has the biggest cattle station, Anna Creek Station. It’s even larger than Israel. 


17.Forget about snakes and spiders, Australia also has drunk pigs. A pig stole 18 beer cans, got drunk and even started a fight with a cow. 


18.24 rabbits were released in 1859 and it turned into a bunny disaster. 

© Unknown /

19.You will encounter snakes everywhere, even a tree, a stinging tree. 

© PHAssociate / reddit

20.In 1970 Lenoaard Casley, a farmer, declared his farm to be an independent country. Known as Hutt River Province, it now has its own government and currency too. 

© Seb az86556 /

Have you also been to Australia? If so, how was your experience? 



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