20 Silliest Wedding Photos Shared By Photographers All Around The World

Blair deLaubenfels, the owner and publisher of the World’s Best Wedding Photos has made a post from their galleries at Words Best Weddings Photos. They have constantly growing their galleries with sweet, compelling, hilarious and mind blowing works to share them with people. 

Blair has more than 22 years of experience in photography. She started her career in 1999 as a wedding photographer and went to launch Junebug Weddings in 2006 which she sold to investors in 2014. Now she owns WBWP, a blog, directory and a world class wedding photo gallery. 

We at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 20 silliest wedding photos from Blair’s gallery. We have included a lot of shots from crazy party shots to hilarious antics. Some of them are planned and some are spontaneous. We hope you will enjoy them. 

#1 s

Ken Pak Photography

#2 This Hilarious Bride Before Her First Look!


#3 This Hilarious Scottish Groom And His Bride

Cooked Photography

#4 This Party Animal Flying Through The Air

Storey Wilkins

#5 This Cheeky Groom

Eppel Fotografie

#6 This Mom During The Always Fun Hora

Callaway Gable

#7 This Lady Waiting Patiently For Her Taco

Jos & Tree

#8 This Clever, Funny Optical Illusion

Look Fotografia

#9 This Guest Not Quite Sure About The Cake


#10 This Bride And Groom Trying To Love On This Baby Elephant

Bee Two Sweet

#11 These Helpful Underpants

Moore Photography

#12 This Groom Needing Some Help At Dinner

Philippe Swiggers

#13 This Guest Making His Own Music On The Dance Floor

Wirken Photography

#14 This Impatient Groom

JAG Studios

#15 This Naughty Bridesmaid

ModernMade Weddings

#16 This Tired But Contented Bride

Bee Two Sweet

#17 This Naughty Couple During Family Photos


#18 This Bride Being Silly And A Little Gross

JAG Studios

#19 This Bride Putting Her Groom In His Place

The Brenizers

#20 And This Titillating Performer Giving This Couple Her All!

Jos & Tree

What do you think of these hilarious wedding shots?


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