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25 Before and After Photos That Will Definitely Surprise You

Each and every person in the world has a different perspective on different things. While some people notice the development of technology, others like to share the progress of their paintings over 10 years. Moreover, a lot of us also like to have a look at our favourite photos from time to time. 


Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 25 before and after photos that will most probably surprise you. We also have a bonus to prove that cats don’t enjoy going to the vet, just like humans don’t like to visit a doctor.

A sculptor created a bust of Ronaldo and then decided to do it over.

© gangbangkang / reddit

“Pretty sure no one switched my baby at birth. Progress from 3 weeks left inside to 3 weeks on the outside.”

© borrow_a_feeling / reddit

Here’s how a makeup artist can turn a pretty girl into a monster.

© Warner Bros.

Rivers can grow just like cities do.

© A.Steven / pikabu

Self-portrait by the artist at 13 and at 23

© Mariange / pikabu

The wonders of nature: Brahmaea before and after metamorphosis

© Igor Siwanowicz / Facebook© Igor Siwanowicz / Facebook

Love that transforms

© pagingdoctorfaggot / imgur

From zero to hyperrealism over 13 years

© whiskyart / imgur

A while ago the Berlin Wall seemed like it would be there forever.

© unknown author / imgur

Replaced the monument because it was ‘too scary.’

© qp0n / reddit

A soldier rescued a puppy during the war and got the most faithful friend.

© justlax7 / imgur

Modern medicine can even reconstruct a face.

© ThisTimeLastYear / imgur

This entire lake can disappear at any moment.

© unknown author / imgur

This girl beat cancer and this is her 10 years later.

© unknown author / imgur

The log that turned into Gandalf

© svpipesdesign1982 / imgur

This guy had to learn to draw again after being injured. Here you can see his progress.

© natebibaud / reddit

“Star Wars” are always amazing.

© Lucasfilm

The best thing about old family photos is the opportunity to recreate them.

© unknown author / imgur

This is what industry can do to nature.

© Shecanoes / imgur

A participant of The Battle of the Bogside (Derry, Ireland) took a photo in the same spot, years apart.

© falentine / imgur

Have you ever seen a sheared alpaca?

© wabawanga / imgur

Alas, it’s not phones that should be blamed.

© henriksen1 / imgur

Before and after applying makeup foundation

© Dermablend

When you grew up a little bit.

© ryukandl / imgur

58 years of progress

© Adr_H132 / reddit

Bonus: a cat before and after visiting the vet

© unknown author / imgur

Do you also have any before and after photos like this? We would love to see them in the comments down below. 

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