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Here Are 25 Photos That Prove Time Doesn’t Change Everything

Everything changes with time: the places we travel, the things we discover, the things we invent, etc. But there are things that don’t change with time too. Our relationships with family members and friends, our favorite pets, our favorite toys, and our memorable places are some examples.

Today, we at multisitez decided to bring you 25 heart-touching photos to show the value of things that don’t change with time.

01. “Still looks handsome in his favorite sweater 3 years later!”

© travisty518 / Reddit

02. “My son and myself, 16 years apart. Same couch, same shirt on me.”

© PipelinePatrick / Reddit

03. “My mom and dad recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and decided to re-create one of their wedding photos.”

© thepflanz / Reddit

04. “Father and son, 135 NASA shuttle launches between 1981 and 2011.”

© riversforever / Reddit

05. “Waited 10 years for Incredibles 2.”

© rolltidecole / Reddit

06. “My father pushing my brother and me in the running stroller, and pushing my sons in the same stroller 29 years later.”

© LamentRedHector / Reddit

07. “Can’t believe I met the same guy I took a picture with 13 years ago!”

© Inknown author / Imgur

08. “A child and his grandfather at the same place, 69 years apart.”

© McNifficence / Reddit

09. “My dad finally decided I’m old enough to drive the car my mom left to me, on the condition I re-create her old photo.”


© godzillhoe / Reddit

10. “Me when I was 17, holding a picture of my dad when he was 17. Our long hair tradition.”

© Kaboomeow69 / Reddit

11. “My husband found our cat when he was an infant kitten. Over a year later, the cat still loves to sleep on his shoulder.”

© daisyhannigan / Reddit

12. “After a storm, my dad and I decided to re-create the picture that we took 35 years ago.”

© atbrown630 / Twitter

13. “My mom and me at Mount Utsayantha in 1997 and 2017.”

© maddierose1418 / Reddit

14. “My dad with my older brother above, and my brother and his firstborn below.”

© Sheogorathian / Reddit

15. “2 years ago, I photobombed this couple’s photo in a restaurant. Today the same couple happened to sit in my section at a completely different restaurant! So we had to re-create the photo.”

© missmichellini / Reddit

16. “My mom holding me (1989) vs Me holding my son (2017).”

© skinnyrhino1515 / Reddit

17. “My dad and I in 1st grade, then again in our 20s.”

© KommieKon / Reddit

18. “Pups learning important life skills from their mom”

© MotherOfRavens / Reddit

19. “My dad’s genes run a little stronger than my mom’s.”

© ImpetusTheImpaler / Reddit

20. “My wife and her pupper 30 years ago, and our daughter and her pupper.”

© land0man / Reddit

21. “I thought I’d take this Father’s Day to re-create one of my favorite pictures with my dad.”

© cobbers83 / Reddit

22. “My girlfriend, now wife, and I at 6 and 26. Bonus addition: our 9-week-old baby girl.”

© clark5749 / Reddit

23. “To commemorate its 25th anniversary, my brother and I decided to re-create this terrifying photo from 1992.”

© KLGAviatio / Reddit

24. “Sisters then and now, photos 20 years apart.”

© viadoodle / Reddit

25. “They still love this couch and each other.”

© smangit2323 / Reddit

26. Bonus: No DNA test required!

© unknown user/ imgur

Do you also have photos to prove that time doesn’t change everything? We would love to see them in the comments down below.

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Written by Multisitez

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