A Tiny Possum Was Magically Rediscovered After the Devastating Fires in Australia

More than 17 million hectares of land in Australia were affected due to the wildfire last year. 99% of bio reserves along with animals in them were destroyed. Experts feared that the habitat of pygmy possums were entirely gone forever. However after constant efforts, the litton possum species are making sound again. 

Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of newly released photos of them.

© Ash Benc / Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife© Ash Benc / Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife

A possum has been discovered for the first time after fire

© Ash Benc / Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife

The Australian fire that happened last year affected the smallest possum species in the world. Over 440,500 hectares of the land were home to these small creatures and they all fell prey into the fires. Finally after working constantly, Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife have discovered a possum. 

It’s good to get along with other possums

© Ash Benc / Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife

The small pygmy possum weighs less than ten grams. It is estimated that more than 93% of the pygmy population was burned in the fires. Their condition is extremely vulnerable. Brush tailed possums and western possums are among the 20 rare species too. 

Efforts are made to keep them safe

© Ash Benc / Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife

One of the biggest threats to these pygmy possums now is that there are other possums in general on the Australian island who are feral cats. A lot of ecologists believe that there may be more marsupials hiding in the woods and feeling unsafe due to the disappearance of the bushlands. 

Pygmies were already rare on the island

© Jean-Paul Ferrero / /EAST NEWS© John Cancalosi / NEWS

Before the fire there were only 113 pygmy possums on the island. The experts say that it’s a miracle they managed to survive. They still hope to find more rare species that are yet to be found.


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