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    50 Massive Dogs Who Don’t Understand Their Size

    Ever heard of the saying people can be “young at heart?” Then these massive dogs on this list can be considered “little at heart” – meaning they will try to jump and sit on you just like when they were little puppies no matter how big they are.  If you also have funny photos of […] More

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    30 Honest Pics Shared By People to Show Instagram Vs Reality

    Behind almost all Instragm shots you will find a lot of funny mistakes, uncontrollable laughter, and quirky chaos. The best part is there are some IG stars who like to show these behind-the-scenes shots without any outside pressure. They like to share these candid shots alongside the final pics using the Instagram hashtag #instagramvsreality. Therefore […] More

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    21 Teacher Memes that will instantly make you laugh

    Slipping back to school after a summer holiday will be challenging for a lot of students. Therefore we are Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 21 teacher memes that will instantly make you laugh. While these memes will make you laugh, teachers might get a little bit of pain from them. Read on, […] More

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    17 Times Where People Switched Their Brain To Genius Mode

    Do you know what is the most important organ of our body? It’s our brain. Even though we all have brains, The creativity, speed, memory, and emotions of our brains differ from person to person. There are certain things that people learn how to do in a specific way. As an example let’s say a […] More