Here at Multisitez, we have a dedicated editorial team that is always on the move and up to date on the latest stories.

Pahan Kausalya


Pahan founded Anomalousclub Media Company on 2021 December 08 with 3 team members

Maduka Sanjaya


Maduka is a young friendly CEO with so many capabilities of achieving goals and competing with other companies

Kelum Piyadarshana


Kelum has an extreme ability to check facts through every online source and with other offline sources too

Geeth Madushan

Media manager

Geeth is the team leader who distributes duties with our other team members, and he supervises every section of Anomalousclub.

Piumika Sharkila


Piumika is a well-experienced graphic designer with a super knowledge of WordPress editor

Barbarz steelz


Barbarz is the leader of the Author team in Anomalousclub. He is a well-experienced journalist who has worked in many big media companies.