The 20 People Who Used To Need To Loosen Their Belts, But Now Flaunt Their Slim, Fit Figures

Every trip begins with the first step. Above 20 people also start same trip. It may take a lot of hard work to lose those extra pounds, but we can do it if we work hard enough (and maybe don’t eat our favorite sweets every day). Even if it’s just the size of our clothes, these people show that we can get rid of the Xs in our lives.

Multisitez would like to show pictures of these people who surprised everyone and now have a lot of confidence.

1. Look at her progress, one year later!

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2. “If I can keep going (and I’m a fiend for sweets) anyone can do it.”

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3. “I don’t count calories, I’m just conscious of my food choices.”

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4. “Left is from February. Right is from September.”

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5. “It took a lot of eggs and a ton of plants.”

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6. “My shirt size went from a 3XL to a small!”

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7. Same shirt, different body.

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8. “I’ve gone from not being able to run to running/walking 3 miles a day!”

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9. Taking pictures to check your progress is important.

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10. “My progress from nearly 2 years of being on this journey”

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11. He went from 500 lbs to 199 lbs!

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12. “My uncle could barely get his arm around me before.”

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13. “Countless hours in the gym and dieting”

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14. “Went from wearing a size 7XLT shirt to small/mediums.”

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15. 2 different wedding occasions

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16. “Never give up on yourself and believe that you can do it.”

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17. This achievement only took less than a year!

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18. “I started at 526 lbs, and I’m now 276 lbs.”

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19. The scrubs she wears went from size 3XL down to a medium!

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20. How do you like her now?

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What is the best way for you to lose weight? How do you keep your health in good shape?

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