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The following 26 fashion choices should make designers ashamed.

With time, fashion has undergone many changes. It gets harder and harder every year to think of something new that hasn’t been done before. Designers frequently go above and beyond the norm and perhaps even go too far because of this.

The multisitez has gathered the most bizarre items made by designers with extremely bizarre interests. The expectation for designer garments vs. the harsh reality is a bonus for you at the end of the story.

01. Why even wear pants?

© Patras Events

02. of the most ridiculous shoe designs ever.

© TopAusCasino/twitter

03. ventilation in case it becomes too warm.

© linskatoch/twitter

04. If a bear attacked you but you still have to report to work:

© BerniceRalph/twitter

05. more jeans still.

© solomila/instagram

06. It appears that she constructed a skirt out of vehicle mats.

26 Fashion Decisions Designers Should Be Ashamed Of
© balenciaga/instagram

07. It turns out that becoming trendy is very simple.

© ThuyOng/twitter

08. picture on the sweater is quite creative.

© Country 101.1/twitter

09. The ideal item for beach season.

26 Fashion Decisions Designers Should Be Ashamed Of
© crimesagainstshoemanity/instagram

10. a fantastic approach to learning anatomy.

© mirdarthos/imgur

11. When your attempts to become a mermaid were unsuccessful:

© rjr1/imgur

12. There aren’t any socks, at least.

© mullrrr/twitter

13. a stylish and hospitable ninja.

© unknown author/imgur

14. Ivy Poison’s shoes.

© crimesagainstshoemanity/instagram

15. When you want to be absolutely certain that your pants won’t fall down:

© unknown author/imgur

16. They are beautiful cats.

© hawaiianpunch23/imgur

17. They are designed to remove waste.

© BeardedGenius/twitter

18. When you chose not to conceal anything:


19. At least this appears to be original.

26 Fashion Decisions Designers Should Be Ashamed Of
© uglydesign/instagram

20. When a character in a movie decides to purchase shoes:

26 Fashion Decisions Designers Should Be Ashamed Of
© uglydesign/instagram

21. Is there a better way to show your actor love?

© AngelaBrisk/twitter

22. Really tasty hoodie.


23. Rhinoceros beetle inspiration

© crimesagainstshoemanity/instagram

24. When your jeans were too high up:

© jadewilksx/twitter

25. This is rather unsettling.

© crimesagainstshoemanity/instagram

26. Amazing likeness.

© imgur

27. Bonus: “I didn’t want to look like this.”

© Becky_Latham27/twitter

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