These 15 Designs Devices Will Definitely Get Your Attention With Their Concepts

The world would never be a funny place if it weren’t for the designers. Even a coffee table with a walnut coating  at your home can be incredibly beautiful with a professional designer’s concept. Moreover there are designers who have utilised a lot of regular signs that give a next level meaning for them. 


Therefore in this blog post we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of 15 unique designs that will definitely get your attention with their concepts. We hope you will enjoy them. 

1. “An anti-pollution sign by a lake in Evergreen”

© lalala850 / Reddit

2. “This is one solid piece of wood. It’s not a sheet covering a wood clock.”

© thenewyorkgod / Reddit

3. “Accordion bus”

© JaththeGod / Reddit

4. A natural, walnut-coated coffee table


5. “This marble grain arrangement on the stairs”

© Sapulinjing / Reddit

6. “This regenerative candle creates a new candle as it melts.”

© EightRules / Reddit

7. “A bag from a shoe shop”

© Drowsy-Dragon-Knight / Reddit

8. “Ping pong racket mirrors at glasses shop”

© sym3tri / Reddit

9. “I found this soup bowl-platter combo to be mildly interesting.”

© emaz88 / Reddit

10. “AirPods as sheet music”

© Scout-Fox / Reddit

11. “These pedestrian crossing signs look like pedestrians crossing the street.”

© BigFlavors / Reddit

12. “This mug keeps warm using a wireless charger!”

© social_industry / Reddit

13. “A cool idea for a motivational gym shirt”

© GallowB*** / Reddit

14. “A Samsung bus stop ad”

© ozorian_d / Reddit

15. This creative decoration


What’s your favourite of the above devices? Do you also have any creative ideas like this?

Written by Multisitez

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