We found 15+ Women Who Prove That Body Hair is Femine Too

Even though there are a lot of body hair removal methods, more and more women are starting to embrace their body hair. There are even internet communities specially built to share photos of womens body hair. r/razorfree is an example of a reddit community that embraces natural body hair.

Therefore we at Anomalous decided to bring you a collection of women who accept and admire their body hair.

01. “Happy and hairy! I kept all the things I enjoyed about being a ‘girly girl’ (makeup, high heels, manicures) and ditched the things I didn’t. (RAZORS!!!)”

© EmeraldAddams / Reddit

02. “Outfit for the foraging walk, living my cottagecore fantasy”

© NefariousnessLarge17 / Reddit

03. “The 70s called, they want their shag back”

© h***y_hippie_ / Reddit

04. Natural is beautiful.

© kris_tinawithak / Reddit

05. “Rocking these at the pool today!”

© s**ystoic / Reddit

06. “Really going to miss armpits out weather.”


© coreyxmore / Reddit

07. “Bleaching instead of shaving… baby steps!”

© mom_to_2_chihuahuas / Reddit

08. “Being blonde for a day was fun, but I love my dark armpit hair that I’ve been growing out for years.”

© NatashaxKaur / Reddit

09. “Loving my fuzzy legs”

© mamithickness / Reddit

10. “Over 2 years of being razor free! Normalizing body hair in my own way.”

© randyrabbit1983 / Reddit

11. “Hanging out with an apple tree dropping blossoms everywhere!”

© witchkitcaboodle / Reddit

12. Body hair is normal.

© BabyTapir / Reddit

13. “This good memory of my first restaurant date with my partner”

© NefariousnessLarge17 / Reddit

14. “Went to my fave river spot for a little EARTH DAY CLEANUP…”

© BabyTapir / Reddit

15. “Loving that razor free lifestyle”

© randyrabbit1983 / Reddit

What do you think of these women? Do you also embrace body hair?


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