You’re An Actual Superhero! 7-Year-Old Boy Rescues Toddler From Pool Bottom

Water. Neither can be lived with nor without. Water is fascinating, whether you’re ankle or waist deep, in a pool or a bathtub, and whether it’s hot enough to thaw your frozen soul or cold enough to make your skin prickle. But even good things can be overdone. It can become murky, rough, and dangerous despite being inspiring, calming, and fascinating.

A 3-year-old boy was tragically swept into the water of a pool, and if it weren’t for a 7-year-old who saw him and dove in to rescue him, he might not have been able to see the sun again.

Have you ever saved someone from drowning or have you ever come close to drowning yourself? Let me know before we go into the specifics of the story and some advice that might help you avoid drowning. The latter is ingrained deeply within my own mind. I’m excited to read your stories, so without further ado, let’s get started (wink wink).

Massiah Browne, a 7-year-old boy from California, rose to fame as a local hero after he prevented a toddler from drowning in a pool.

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A 7-year-old boy named Massiah Browne (also known as Siah Fire, his superhero alias) rose to fame in his community after he saved a toddler from drowning in a swimming pool. On July 19, while visiting his relatives, aunt Tiffany, her daughter Olivia, as well as his younger aunt and Savannah, age 9, at their Sacramento apartment complex, the boy noticed something odd. A tiny child was floating motionlessly to the pool’s bottom with his mouth and eyes open.

Massiah said to Good Morning America, “I was just playing in the pool when I saw a boy at the bottom of the pool and I went to go get him” (GMA). Savannah told him to grab the boy’s arm and bring him up, and he did so. Without waiting, he bravely dove through six feet of water to lift the three-year-old to the surface. Savannah then assisted him in getting the boy onto the pool deck where adults arrived and dialed 911.

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When the boy noticed a small body at the pool’s bottom, he was in the water having fun. He dove through six feet of water without hesitation to pull the child up.

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Savannah brought the boy to his mother, who performed CPR on the child before calling an ambulance, according to Massiah. The aunt of the 3-year-old boy also showed up.

According to a spokesperson for the Sacramento Fire Department, bystanders performed CPR on the child, and by the time emergency personnel arrived, the child was breathing. According to Sacramento firefighters, “the child was transported in critical condition with advanced life support efforts provided.”

Adults arrived at the scene quickly and took care of the 3-year-old. When medical personnel arrived, the boy was breathing steadily after receiving CPR.

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Mason and Massiah have both been swimming for the majority of their lives, making them comfortable around water. Massiah has been taking swimming lessons since he was a young child, according to the boys’ mother Tiara Delvalle, who told Fox 5 that she thinks his actions that day were solely motivated by instinct. It was shocking because “you never hear about a 7-year-old saving a 3-year-old,” she said.

The moment she learned about what had happened to Bored Panda, she recalled, was when her sister Tiffany came upstairs. As she observed the entire situation, she became distressed and hysterical. from the time they removed him until the arrival of the fire department and CPR.”

“It had a big impact on me. I kept thinking about the little boy. I wished I could have helped if I had been there. I considered my son, the events he saw and the suffering he underwent, and I tried to imagine what it might have been like for him. That evening, I gave him a particularly tight hug while giving God praise.

The young child was taken to the hospital, where he fully recovered. Tiara Delvalle, Messiah’s mother, revealed that he had been learning to swim since he was a young child.

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Tiara stated, “I prayed day and night and kept the child in my prayers.” She made contact with the boy’s mother and found out the toddler had fully recovered. Massiah was in the right place at the right time, which is truly what happened that day. “Mommy is So Proud of you Baby,” she wrote in an Instagram post. Massiah, you certainly live up to your name! You truly are a superhero!

When he learned of his son’s life-saving deeds, Marcus Browne, a boxer who represented the United States at the 2012 London Olympics, was astounded. Even though his son swims “like a fish,” he was in awe of Massiah that day’s bravery. He said, “He’s a good kid.

So what will Massiah’s future hold for him? His mother is confident that he will achieve greatness in the future. He’s just 7 years old and already saving lives. He’s already a superhero? That’s pretty amazing, she exclaimed. “I know he can compete in the Olympics like his dad and break records to become the best and fastest swimmer in the world.”

It was shocking because you never hear about a 7-year-old saving a 3-year-old, Tiara said, ecstatic about her son’s bravery.

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In the United States, drowning kills more children ages 1-4 than any other cause of death, with swimming pools being the most common place for drownings. Drowning can occur at any time, even when kids shouldn’t be around water and even to people who are very confident in their swimming skills.

Leza Sisley, a firefighter paramedic and a member of the Lake Monticello Fire and Water Rescue Squad, declared that “water is the most lethal force on earth.” It travels where it pleases. We make the worst errors when we underestimate the strength of water. Your best chance of staying safe is to prevent an emergency.

Here are some reminders for when you’re wading through water. The most crucial one: Just because something appears calm from above, it may not necessarily be secure. You cannot see hazards like currents, rocks, or holes, and you cannot gauge the depth of water by simply looking at it.

Alcohol shouldn’t be consumed before swimming because it slows your reaction time and makes it simpler to get lost. Leza quips, “You’re 10 feet tall and bulletproof when you’re drunk.” “You leap off of objects that you ordinarily wouldn’t. You plunge into things that you ordinarily wouldn’t. Also take into account how your balance, coordination, and judgement may be affected by medications or medical issues.

More kids between the ages of 1-4 pass away in the US from drowning than any other cause of death. Most kids who drown do so quietly; there are very few dramatic drowning incidents.

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The threat posed by temperature follows. Dr. Linda Quan, director of the emergency department at the Children’s Hospital & Regional Medical Centre, said that cold water can “paralyse you” and that hypothermia is a “deathlike state” in which all of the body’s enzymes that regulate organ function gradually shut off. One of the first things to go is motor skills.

It’s simple to miss a drowning. A person shouldn’t be expected to scream or cause a lot of commotion. We all assume that someone drowning will be a loud, dramatic event. However, it’s not at all evident. Leza explains that when a child begins to drown, it happens quietly. Therefore, keep an eye out and never leave kids unattended.

Adults should watch out for motions of someone trying to climb a ladder but failing, such as a head bobbing above and below the surface, an open mouth tilted back, or a vertical body. Dr. Morgen Bernius, an emergency medicine specialist at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Centre in Baltimore, told ABC News that the patients are only capable of gasping for air.

Rescue can also be risky because the desire to climb up and potentially drown you results from “the brain’s reflex to get to the surface.” The proper action to take? Rita Krenz, a paramedic with 25 years of experience on the Scottsville Volunteer Rescue Squad, advises, “Reach or throw, don’t go.” To pull someone in, “throw a buoy or skimmer. Toss a bag or rope. Being in the water is the last thing a rescuer wants to do.

One of the simplest ways to avoid tragedy is to learn to swim, but one should never be overconfident either.

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When something starts to go wrong, panicking is very simple to do. Particularly when water begins to flood the mouth and nostrils, the uncomfortable burning sensation prompts an uncontrollable need for oxygen. So, try to remain as composed as you can while looking for solutions.

The “flip, float, follow” technique has been suggested in many places, including the Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project. According to this advice, in order to save energy and keep your head above the water if you’re drowning, you should flip over and float on your back. Lastly, take the safest route to safety.

If you ever find yourself in a rip current, experts advise swimming against its direction until you are free of it, and then swimming to shore. Aim your body toward the shore, feet first, slant it so the water will push you to one side or the other, cross your feet, and put your arms across your chest if you find yourself in swift water where you could get caught on rocks.

We hope the best for Massiah and his family! We can all only hope that when we need someone, they will be as courageous and heroic.

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What is the simplest, most obvious safety measure to take? Learn to swim, both for yourself and your children. Are you really going to stay away from water your entire life? Doubtful. And as Tiara notes, learning to swim is a vital life skill. I think swimming lessons should be available to all kids.

And even if you do improve your swimming skills, try not to become overconfident because even the best swimmers can drown when caution is ignored.

I send Massiah and his family my best wishes and applaud the courageous young man for saving a life. Please share your opinions and experiences with us. Until then, be careful!

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